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www.Eppicard.comwww.eppicard.com is the website of Eppicard. Eppicard is utilised in about 19 states which includes Florida, Georgia, Illinois , Indiana, Iowa , Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New york, North Carolina, Ohio Youngster Support, Ohio Cash Positive aspects, Oklahoma UI, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania L&I, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah and Virginia. You can look for their state on the Eppicard web-site, select the icon that’s similar to your card. Then under Program Materials menu option of your state, you can then access the information.
A Eppicard is like any prepaid debit card as well as use it to make a purchase just like any credit card. If you just receive your Eppicard, make sure to activate it by calling the customer service number to activate it. www.Eppicard.com also allows you to check your balance online after you login to the Eppicard internet site. However, not like other prepaid debit card, Eppicard does not enable you to add funds to it as only the state funds can be applied towards the card.

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